Can You Own an Investment Property If You are new in Canada

This policy applies to customers who have immigrated to Canada within the last 60 months, and are looking for an insured mortgage but do not have established Canadian Credit Bureau history. For customers who have worked or studied in Canada, have applied for permanent residence, and already have a Canadian credit history, our regular policy […]

Good News!! an Average earner in Canada Can Own an Investment Property

Investment Properties  Particularly smaller, residential real estate – are now accessible to many average Canadians. And as any homeowner will confirm, real estate has been one of the most attractive investment categories in Canada for the past decade. If you’re considering an investment in real estate, start by having a conversation with an experienced Mortgage […]

Why Use a Mortgage Agent

A mortgage Agent go between the lenders and the borrowers. They work for you and have contacts to lots of lenders. They are basically like a recruiter seeking people interested in borrowing a home and connecting them with a lender that will work for them. A Mortgage agent goes between you and the big banks […]