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We are a group of mortgage coaches (Licensed Mortgage Agents) who are passionate about helping Canadians to achieve their goal of home ownership.  

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The mortgage coaches have all gone through the process of purchasing their own houses and all of them are also real estate investors who already own several investment properties.

Our aim is to coach you through the purchase of your primary residence and guide you through the process of purchasing investment properties because we believe that every Canadian deserves to live in a safe, clean and affordable house.

Why rent when you can purchase?

You are putting money in the landlord's pocket when you rent. When you buy it, you are putting money into your own pocket

Don't Go House Shopping Before you are Pre-Approved

When you are pre-approved you know exactly how much you can qualify for so its easy for you to get a home within your budget 

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The Mortgage Process

Step One: The Mortgage Application Contact  Me or schedule an appointment to understand the requirements to see which type of mortgage is best suited for

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