A mortgage Agent go between the lenders and the borrowers. They work for you and have contacts to lots of lenders. They are basically like a recruiter seeking people interested in borrowing a home and connecting them with a lender that will work for them. A Mortgage agent goes between you and the big banks for a mortgage. They do work by getting to understand your needs, calculating what you could be approved of, sending your application, and discussing with you the best mortgage that fits your situation. Basically, a mortgage agent becomes part of your team whom you can go to for best advice when it comes to mortgage options.

More often than not, the mortgage agent can get a better rate than if they went to the big banks themselves due to their volume of clients which affords them a discount from the lenders. Sometimes the mortgage agent is able to assist clients approved even though their credit history was not so good because they have access to other lenders (B-Lenders and Private Lenders).

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