Step One: The Mortgage Application

Contact  Me or schedule an appointment to understand the requirements to see which type of mortgage is best suited for you.

More often than not, I will ask to see the following documents:

  1. Employment information.
  2. Current mortgage information (if applicable).
  3. Assets and liabilities.
  4. Credit report (and/or authorization for one) and basic information such as name, address, SIN number and birthdate.
  5. Employment Verification: A current Letter of Employment and pay stub. You may also be asked to provide 2 year of T4s or Notice of Assessments for further history. If you own a business, be prepared to provide the last 3 years of Revenue Canada Notice of Assessments and possibly financial statements.
  6. Sale Agreement for your current home and mortgage statement (if applicable).
  7. Purchase agreement (if applicable).
  8. MLS listing (if applicable).
  9. Confirmation of your down payment.

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